<a href='http://www.ecigarbox.com/'>how safe are electronic cigarettes</a>:Electronic cigarette is available in the market since last three years and is a great device which aims to provide the smoker with a much healthier option. It also helps in reducing and indeed quitting smoking altogether. Today you can easily buy smokeless cigarettes from an e cigarette store or even open market. Many people even buy smokeless cigarettes from the online stores.

Currently in its fourth generation, e cigarettes have now become much more user friendly than before when they were slightly larger in size. The e cigarettes which are available today are most realistic electronic cigarettes to date, having a length of about 100 mm which is same as the conventional cigarette. You will easily find several varieties of electronic cigarettes at any e cigarette store.

An e cigarette has a taste of tobacco but contains none of those harmful things which are found in traditional cigarettes permitting smokers to satisfy their carvings without inhaling any dangerous substances. Today many smokers buy smokeless cigarettes for this very reason.

An e cigarette is actually a battery operated device which provides a feeling of regular smoking to the smokers without all those harmful toxins. An e cigarette appears very similar to a regular cigarette. It contains a chamber which turns pure nicotine in liquid form into a vapor puff providing a sense of smoking to any regular smoker. In this way a smoker get his share of nicotine and a smoking experience without any health risk of regular smoking! Due to huge popularity of these e cigarettes, you will find e cigarette store at many places where smokers buy smokeless cigarettes to satisfy their smoking urge.

The nicotine chamber for e cigarettes is available in various strengths at any e cigarette store and help smokers to gradually reduce their smoking by reducing their nicotine strength. Apart from this, these nicotine cartridges cost much less than usual tobacco products.

Usually a nicotine cartridge will last for about 17 20 cigarettes, thereby saving a good money to the smoker. These cartridges are available in Low, medium, standard and no nicotine strengths. Any e cigarette store has good stocks for each of these strengths and you can even buy smokeless cigarettes from these stores.

A much healthier option, the benefits of e cigarettes don just end here. As these e cigarettes never emit any dangerous toxins, they are totally legal to smoke in public places like pubs, restaurants, halls, etc. All non smokers also revolt less as they have no worries about the passive smoking now with these e cigarettes which creates a much more social environment for all of us. Anybody interested in this great product can these buy smokeless cigarettes from anywhere in the market or any e cigarette store.

Now days e cigarettes are even in convenience store, gas stations, restaurants, bars and many other places smoking is banned. People want choices and e cigarettes offers that in a very convenient way. And as mentioned previously the savings is outstanding. Many save hundreds of dollars each and every month while others save thousands of dollars every year they smoke ecigs. It a no brainer and any smoker should at least try one. Besides the money saving benefits are healthy benefits. After all, what your health worth?